CALFoolio Metroid Prime 1:46 World Record (April 9, 2003) run notes

Segment 1:

  • Stands still to shoot the targets, which is wild lol
  • NO dash jumping at all (!!! which is alarming because Dash Jumping was discovered Feb 27, 2003 and was in somewhat use)
  • Doesn’t skip the first elevator cutscene (actually slower but people used to do this)
  • L jumping which is good
  • Rolls through biohazard
  • Kills turret in CFLTDG
  • Elects not to save before Parasite Queen, which would generally be the norm for these runs
  • Scans PQ (!!!!!)
  • Inbounds frigate, of course
  • Actually pretty good movement for 2003 honestly. Almost 6:50 elevator scan
  • Walking without holding L (!? why, this was known to be fast)
  • Lots of L jumping which is good but no strafing
  • 5 minute Ridley cutscene which is really good for early 2003
  • Fast grapple!
  • Rolls through electricity which is surprising
  • No elevator dash of course, no strafing in squiggly room
  • 4:13 escape time

Segment 2:

  • 5 minute Tallon time (actually good for 2003)
  • No SJF (Wasn’t discovered until May 25, 2003)
  • Strafes into elevator but nowhere else (why)
  • Has to go to Hive Mecha for missiles which is rough
  • Slow all around compared to current day strats
  • Holy crap fights hive mecha lol
  • Energy tank from HM
  • Sneaks behind the pillar for speed hah
  • Actually fights the beetle!
  • Long way around main plaza because he has to, also falls once
  • Getting charge beam, gets the fast missile
  • Actually decent scans in watery hall
  • Doesn’t roll through watery hall access (or much in general it seems)
  • Shoots the blast caps in Gathering Hall
  • Edgy jump to save a morph+unmorph
  • Can’t Space Jump onto ID/doesnt know you can ghetto onto it
  • Actually fast ID luck though lol
  • Burn dome missiles
  • Furnace puzzle because you have to at this point and for the foreseeable future
  • Doesn’t save before Flaahgra/not sure what happened in Arboretum
  • No ‘genius’ strat for flaahgra, was figured out in 2004 if I recall correctly
  • Takes damage to the last tentacle accidentally
  • Misses jump to door and jump across water lol
  • No early wild!
  • Goes for an energy tank/space jump before Magmoor instead of going directly into Magmoor for Nature

Segment 3:

  • Oh boy early Space Jump. This trick is hard. He does it in 12 tries and gets a missile after. Not terrible but for segmented could probably be better

Segment 4:

  • Another missile in transport tunnel
  • Morph ball through the safe area, then walks into lava
  • Kills all the turrets in Monitor Station which is really slow
  • Interesting strat to skip the platform and save time
  • Doesn’t save in-game time using the cutscene trick here
  • Boost ball first, as was the standard for quite a while in any%
  • Just jumps to the bottom of Phendrana canyon lol, but an interesting strat to get onto the bridge that i’ve never seen before
  • Falls down once in Chozo Ice Temple
  • Slightly slow morph puzzle (correct strat though)
  • Actually good baby sheegoths, sorta slow adult though
  • No dashes so we jump into lava, on the way to Ice Beam (this was the FAST route at the time)
  • L jumps in extremely tight spots, slow
  • Still kills blast caps
  • Gathering Hall missile
  • Clipping trick on the spider ball track (discovered after the TBJ method)
  • Walks to the edge of Crossway halfpipe to boost instead of just rolling
  • E A R L Y I C E
  • Uses wave path instead of TBJ to hole (slow)
  • Boosts in Reflecting pool

Segment 5:

  • Fast missile in overgrown cavern
  • Slow Frigate Crash Site because no dashing
  • Doesn’t use morph ball to fall faster in Root Cave
  • Let’s go to Magmoor!
  • Skipping spider in Twin Fires Tunnel! Double bomb jump method but still. Diverges from current any% route again
  • Early plasma beam, one of the first real sequence breaks in the game
  • Early plasma ghetto first try (!)
  • Close to death here

Segment 6:

  • Spider was still obtained in any%, but not for long (the world record route never collects spiderball after Kip’s 1:23)
  • Uses bombs on thardus which is fast, doesn’t go for snipes (which is slow)
  • Takes tons of damage for whatever reason even though the bombs have a huge radius (also for whatever reason)
  • Goes forward through labs for Elder (literally only because they hadn’t figured out Edward, as far as I can tell from reading)
  • Scans the elevator in Hydra (????)
  • Can’t skip any of the puzzle in Observatory which is reaaaaaaally slow
  • Does them appreciably well though
  • NEEDS supers for Wild (and also later on Metroid Prime the boss)
  • Pirate battle skip was NOT discovered at this point, so we watch this fight (although it’s mercifully fast with plasma)
  • Elder the normal way
  • Bad movement during this all
  • There was a lot of discussion how the Metroid would not escape the tube in Research Lab Hydra; this is because you need to make the Metroid escape the tube.
  • Gets thermal visor, possibly because it’s fast but probably because they considered it negligible
  • Ignores ‘backward through the labs’ which is merciful
  • Absurdly careful in Frost Cave
  • DEVILBIT’s Grapple skip in Phendrana’s Edge (Got to get a power bomb first though)
  • Slow Frozen Pike because jumping was bad in 2003

Segment 7:

  • amusingly careful Phazon Processing Center
  • No Elite Skip because it wasn’t discovered until quite a bit later
  • Supers on elite though which is… something else
  • Bad strategy for loading Central Dynamo Access
  • Super on Invisible drone LOL
  • Slow maze
  • Really slow CD because climbs weren’t known I suppose?
  • Turns off the gas with boost? Strange
  • Got confused in Elite Control
  • Doesn’t use the fast strat that Kip specially mentioned a couple months before this was submitted in Ore Processing Center, not sure why (gets grapple beam because Fungal Hall A was considered hard at the time)
  • Decent Waste Disposal movement
  • Doesn’t boost through elevator room after phazon
  • No platform skip in Great Tree Hall
  • Goes to get World before X Ray, has some trouble navigating Hall of the Elders

Segment 8:

  • No fast missile in Life Grove Tunnel
  • Ghost fight skip (FIRST TRY!) Probably one of the hardest things actually done in this world record up until this point except for early Space Jump
  • Big Pirate strafing hadn’t been discovered at this point I suppose
  • Fights all the enemies in Elite Research
  • Puzzle is already solved in Ore Processing Center which is actually fast, I suppose
  • Gets missile in Elite Control Access
  • Under the floor in Quarantine Access
  • Uses ice on metroids instead of plasma. Metroid Quarantine A was not solved quite yet (May of 2003)
  • Missile in Fungal Hall Acess
  • Ignores metroids in Fungal Hall B which is fast but messes it up lol
  • Consolation missile expansion
  • Uses spider in Metroid Quarantine B slowly even though it was solved for everything at this point
  • Almost dies

Segment 9:

  • Literally no Omega Pirate strats were developed at this point, so this fight is a bit of agony. Doesn’t even seem that they understand basics, such as how his spawning works but gets a 1 cycle anyway because of Supers
  • Heads back for newborn, which was the route until 2017 (!) apparently amasawa had gotten it without Phazon suit and with 14 energy tanks by January of 2003 which surprised me
  • You can tell ghetto jumps weren’t very well understood at this point
  • Tries to lure all the metroids in for a hug but doesn’t have any powerbombs, uses plasma on them now
  • Banks phazon jump strat
  • Phazon Processing Center is slow because he elects to kill literally everything
  • Shoots one of the pirates off the platform intentionally to make the fight quicker, though

Segment 10:

  • Cross Thardus to get to Sun (Faster to get it now since we have to track through Magmoor anyway) but I’m not sure it’s faster than going through Magmoor and getting sun at the end
  • Powerbomb expansion
  • Gets strength at the end (uses boost ball spinner too)
  • Gets ice spreader which you don’t see until route changes in about 2010 (bartendorsparky 1:01)
  • Finally getting nature (not sure why not the first time around but hey)
  • No early wild, so we have to do this climb instead, doesn’t kill wasps and waste time but does wait for the Oculus’ for whatever reason
  • Good ghost strats actually ( :D )
  • Wild boosting is fun but slow usually
  • Doesn’t understand morphing into walls on the piston will cause it to drop down again
  • Lifegiver extremely late compared to today’s route, gravity has been skipped
  • Still doesn’t hold L while walking which is sad

Segment 11:

  • Supers on Ridley because why not
  • Boosting Ridley hadn’t been discovered yet? So we get an extremely long fight
  • Doesn’t know how to snipe ridley’s mouth to skip some timeloss

Segment 12:

  • Extremely slow Impact crater and also uses missile refill station which is shameful
  • Supers on prime in any%! Neat
  • Ice Spreader on prime in any%! Even more neat
  • Doesn’t seem to know about tractor beam cancel
  • Also does not know about the Exo snipes that were discovered in 2013/2014ish
  • Actually collected thermal for the essence fight which I thought was interesting
  • Doesn’t know to not move at the start of the fight, doesn’t know about the pool hopping (Which could have saved him one whole pool)
  • End game. Timer is 1:46. First run of Metroid Prime with proof.

Speedrun enthusiast, Metroid lover and always trying to break the boundaries.

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Speedrun enthusiast, Metroid lover and always trying to break the boundaries.

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